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Our magazine is issued every quarter and is available from any of the businesses you find listed on our website. Each issue is teaming with up to date information on areas of interest to you, what to get up to, sights worth going that extra mile for, places to stay, where’s good to eat and drink and more.

Our team of writers keep our content up to date so you are on hand with the latest info on the ground, more so than a lonely planet!


Your essential guide to...

  • Kampot

    Kampot’s charm lies in the relaxed vibe and colonial architecture, which lines its streets and the attractive river front. This ambience has become an infectious basis for its rise in popularity with travellers over recent years

  • Kep

    Established as a French colonialists’ retreat from Cambodia’s relentless humidity, and once known as the ‘St. Tropez of South-East Asia’, the glamorous resort town of Kep is a unique locale in Cambodia.

  • Sihanoukville

    From the early 1900’s on, Kep became the St. Tropez of South-East Asia while Kampot turned into a beautiful port town. Sihanoukville on the contrary was established in 1955 along with the independence of Cambodia.

  • Other Places

    Ha Tien on the border in Vietnam is a quiet, but attractive small town, with a surprising number of sights for visitors. Battambang, the leading rice producer presents some of the best preserved French colonial architecture

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